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WHITNEY MANAGEMENT CORP. is an apartment management company incorporated in 1978 in the State of Texas.  Whitney Management Corp. services include selective fee management, multi-family market research, analysis of multi-family properties, accounting services, as well as asset management and insurance liability inspections.  Whitney Management Corp. currently manages apartment communities in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, supervising day-to-day operations and completing all financial requirements, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, income and expense statements, budgets, and compliance services for affordable apartment communities. Additionally, Whitney Management Corp. prepares marketing and management plans and negotiates property insurance coverage.



The Whitney Way – Back to the Basics




Our success since 1978 is built on a solid foundation with each community carrying out the basics of property management: Prompt and efficient service to our residents; net income maximization for our community owners; being good stewards of the communities we manage, as well as being responsive to the residents we serve.



B    Be attentive to the needs of our residents and clients

A    Attention to Detail

S    Superior Service

 I     Income Maximization

C    Communication with our residents and clients

S    Success



The day-to-day operations of the company are directed by the President and Chief Operating Officer of Whitney Management Corp., Sean Griffin. Wayne Stepnoski, Linda Cooper, Amanda Cernich, and Christi Araiza  are the Regional Property Managers, controlling and directing on-site management efforts. Tom Tilghman is the Controller, and Shelly Schwartz is the Compliance Director, and Yoana Zuniga is the Corporate Operations Assistant.


Whitney Management Corp. does not maximize short-term cash flow by minimizing expenses, but rather maximizes long-term appreciation through maintaining and improving the physical condition of the property and thereby over the long term, increasing property rental income more rapidly than property expenses.




The Controller of Whitney Management Corp. prepares financial reports, accounting procedures, auditing functions, cash flow and projections, and oversees the budget process for Whitney Management Corp. and all properties and partnerships for which services are provided.


The Controller reports to the President on financial matters relating to apartment properties and reports directly to the Chairman on matters relating to non-apartment related corporations and partnerships.  The Controller is required to work within the guidelines set forth by standard accounting principles.


The Controller is responsible for supervision and evaluation of all central office accounting and bookkeeping staff and ensures that all financial responsibilities are met.  The Controller is authorized to work directly with all corporate and partnership personnel, including managers, assistant managers and related staff with regard to financial reports, accounting procedures, auditing functions and the budgeting process.  The Controller maintains all bank accounts and directs the general accounting process.




Our Regional Property Managers oversee the operation and administration of assigned apartment communities. The Regional Property Managers work with the on-site Managers in the preparation and control of the budgets, the development of marketing and leasing programs and reports directly to the President on all matters pertaining to the day-to-day operations. The Regional Property Managers are responsible for monitoring occupancy levels and the net operating income of each community.




The Office Administrator supervises and schedules all corporate office support personnel and is responsible for all administrative, payroll, human resources and insurance for the corporate office and all communities, as well as policy development and implementation.


The Office Administrator is aware of all deadlines of administrative personnel and assures that they are met, ensures that the corporate office staff members have all the necessary materials and creates/reviews all correspondence with the residents of the communities.


The Office Administrator is responsible for human resources and payroll, assists in the creation of company policies and procedures and is responsible for the implementation of company policies.


The Office Administrator handles all insurance needs, including securing, monitoring and claims, for benefit insurance plans (group health insurance, life, dental) and property, liability and umbrella, workers’ compensation, crime, auto, terrorism, and EPLI insurance for the company and the communities.

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